Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Confusion is a state of grace

according to a friend. My visit to the oncologist was not on Monday but rather today. The end result was the same however, no more chemotherapy. I almost felt guilty as I sat in the waiting room, watching the poor souls who would receive chemo today as I went skipping out the door. But not guilty enough to stay.

My oncologist told me that she firmly believed that 'someone is trying to tell us something' with regards to continuing treatment. With the reactions I'd already had the risk was now far outweighing the benefit of further treatment and basically I should quit while I was ahead. Seemed good enough to me.

So now on to radiation oncology next week to formulate a plan. And then back to work. Starting the week of 3/8 I will be back at the desk on the med/surg unit, a place I never thought I would miss so much. I have so very much to be grateful for as I could see in the eyes of the waiting room patients this morning.

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